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TUT… A Note from the Universe

If everyone really knew how much they were loved, henk, not only from “above,” but by everyone now in their life, there’d be little hearts drawn on everything from wheelbarrows to skyscrapers to jumbo jets. And I so look forward to that day. Big heart, The Universe PS henk, everyone loves you. Advertisements

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New Company Car

I’m in the luxury position that I am allowed to have a company car… The car I used to drive, a Volkswagen Passat, is out of its contract and therefore I’m not allowed to drive that car anymore… besides that it appears that current maintenance on the Passat is to costly… new gearbox, new tires, … Continue reading

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Drinking Coffee…

Coffee is a great beverage to start the day with… especially the Nespresso version! During weekdays I hardly ever start with coffee at home. My first cup of coffee is usually at the office. Even when the workplace I have to go to is not in the neighborhood! What I like so much about coffee … Continue reading

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Table Tennis…

Table Tennis is the sport I play! I love it very much and I play it since I was 15yrs of age and I still like it! Last Thursday was a crucial match at TTV Flash, because this was the last match of the season and by winning this match with at least 9 – … Continue reading

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The beginning…

I’ve decided to start writing a blog again… Still have to figure out what it will be about and if I will re-instate my old domain again… But first I have to buy a new keyboard since my letter “n” is not working properly… So let’s wait and see what I will be writing about… … Continue reading

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