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table tennis

Table Tennis…

Table Tennis is the sport I play! I love it very much and I play it since I was 15yrs of age and I still like it!

Last Thursday was a crucial match at TTV Flash, because this was the last match of the season and by winning this match with at least 9 – 1 we would be able to go play one league higher!

The unfortunate thing is that our opponent happens to be a very difficult and challenging one for me… the last time I played against them I was able to loose 3 out of 3!! Horrible!

You can imagine what pressure was brought upon me by the mere thought I had to improve my score with at least 2 matches to win!

Motivated to the bone I got into the three matches… too bad… the pressure was too much, the opponent too smart… the result was… I improved my score with only 1 winning match despite the 2 needed…

No promotion!!! Thanks to Henk…


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One thought on “Table Tennis…

  1. Aaahhhh, zo jammer!

    Posted by bb | 26 April 2010, 05:38

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