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Drinking Coffee…

Coffee is a great beverage to start the day with… especially the Nespresso version!

During weekdays I hardly ever start with coffee at home. My first cup of coffee is usually at the office. Even when the workplace I have to go to is not in the neighborhood!

What I like so much about coffee drinking is that I consider it to be a social happening! Arriving at the office, getting my first cup of coffee, and talking to co-workers about all sorts of stuff like personal life, news topics, jokes, you name it… It makes me feel connected to them and makes me smile!

Besides that, the coffee machine (why are there hardly no Nespresso versions at the corporate office?) is also an unofficial meeting point where you can discuss off topic issues, do some networking or even pre-discuss (= influence) decisions. Many good reasons to start the day with a cup of coffee at the coffee machine!

Oops… did I forget another important reason for drinking coffee… it is a great positive excuse to pay someone an unexpected visit! Not only in the corporate life, but also in private life!

So… let’s have some coffee!


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2 thoughts on “Drinking Coffee…

  1. I started drinkin coffee about 4 years ago…i’ll have mine with sugar and milk.
    To me it should tast like pie 😉
    Lets have some coffee x

    Posted by rudesam | 26 April 2010, 11:43
  2. Lets drink coffee…I’d like a espresso or Latté Machiatto…
    It’s a ritual…and i like it!:
    Nice start of the day!

    Posted by Elsepels | 28 April 2010, 15:30

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