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New Company Car

I’m in the luxury position that I am allowed to have a company car… The car I used to drive, a Volkswagen Passat, is out of its contract and therefore I’m not allowed to drive that car anymore… besides that it appears that current maintenance on the Passat is to costly… new gearbox, new tires, new cam belt, new wipers, a routine inspection and so on… (oops)

At the moment I’m looking at environment friendly cars! Due to the tax climate in the Netherlands it can be very beneficiary to drive such a car! Taking this (= money!) into account… I’m now looking for a Toyota Prius Hybrid  *click*

A colleague of mine drives one, my father (..) drives one and I see many Prius’ appear on the streets… getting me accustomed to the looks of the car…

The version on the pic looks quite nice I think and also the standard features on the version I prefer are top! Basically it is fully loaded! What makes me hesitating is… the size of the trunk… how much stuff can the car stow away for 4 persons? Next to that… what also makes me hesitating a bit (..) is my neighborhood… Everybody nods their head when they know Henk and his Prius!

What do you think? Should I or should I not?


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3 thoughts on “New Company Car

  1. It’s all emotion…and only emotion…good luck making a choice!

    Posted by Annelies | 27 April 2010, 21:36
  2. What the hell…. yes you should!

    Posted by Elsepels | 27 April 2010, 21:37
  3. if u like it… u like it, if u dont… u dont.
    It is simple, dont get the car cos “everyone” is driving it and dont mind what ppl will say when u do…..just go out and look at what u would buy if u didnt have the luxery of leasing


    Posted by rudesam | 28 April 2010, 12:18

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