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Wings of Liberation

On May 4th we remember all those people who have fallen during World War II and also during all the wars after that. A very impressive happening!

On May 5th we celebrate that the Germans surrendered to the Allied in 1945! Already 65 years ago!!

Today I went to the museum “Wings of Liberation” in Best, in a village close to the place I live. The nice thing about this location is that it used to be a complex where, during the cold war, all kinds of war gear was stowed away in case the Sovjets were planning to start a war against the Nato! There were many of those complexes in the Netherlands, just in case there might be a war! Luckily there was no war and in 1989 the Cold War actually ceased to exist…

For me this location brings in other memories, since during my, by law, obligated Tour of Duty in the Dutch Army, I was part of the regiment van Heutz (431 compagnie) where we had to guard these complexes as a regular security company. You can imagine that it brings back memories… and not only war memories!! đŸ™‚

Also this complex was guarded by sergeant Eisema and his men…


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