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The Dutch have won from Denmark

The party is over… the Dutch have won with 2 – 0 against Denmark! After a horrible 1st half and an own goal from the Dannish, the Dutch started playing better… not the gameplay I would like to see, but it was effective after the entrance of Elia… wow! A revelation! This Saturday… Netherlands against … Continue reading

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My son and field hockey

Today my son has a field hockey tournament… now he is the goalie… enthousiastic as allways! His coach makes the boys play at all positions… not to his likings, coz he prefers ro be an attacker! Next year he will play with 8 people on a bigger field… I’m curious to see how they will … Continue reading

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Travelling by train

I love travelling by train! Today I’m going to Amsterdam for work… I have the choice to take either the car or go by train. The train in fact is so much more relaxing. It gives the chance to work, to sleep, to day dream, to enjoy the scenery and much more… none of the … Continue reading

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