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Since a while I’m using BlipFM to listen to music and share it on Twitter… Blip.FM is fantastic and the number of songs I’ve found on there seems infinite… So many DJ’s from all over the world post their songs…

I’ve gathered my own list of favorite DJ’s and I regularly listen to the songs they Blip! Fantastic…

One of the greatest things of Blip.FM is the fact that you can share it on twitter, share it with other DJs and you can even reblip and reply to other DJs!

Music to me is something that embarks on the feeling I’m feeling at that particular moment! The composition of the song is a reflection of that feeling I have!!! Another thing that is part of a lot of music are lyrics… Lyrics to give words to what the music composition brings across…

This brings me to my point… I have to admit that I hardly listen to lyrics!!

It’s not that I don’t like it, but I simply hardly ever do… stupid I know, cause I several times have pointed out songs to people from which I found the composition fantastic but the lyrics didn’t fit to the message I wanted to bring across… oops… stupid me…

But one thing… when I DO listen to the lyrics is when I’m in love… lyrics from songs like this one…


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2 thoughts on “me and lyrics

  1. gaaf:)

    Posted by Marsha | 19 November 2010, 22:42


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