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Het Vreemde Songfestival…

Het vreemde songfestival Jeugdmusical voor kinderen van 8 – 12 jaar gespeeld op de basisschool Cornelis Jetses te Eindhoven in 1978 Personen: Bur Burgemeester (kleding spreekt voor zichzelf) B Bakker Kletskop (tevens omroeper) K Kwikzilver, de kruidendokter (een soort kwakzalver die allerlei kruiden en drankjes verkoopt) A Annoeska     Tijdens haar optreden bij het … Continue reading

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Strijp S

This weekend I was visiting ericborghs.com in his new office in an old industrial building in Eindhoven. The building is situated on Strijp S, an area with a rich history and especially known as the place, where Philips Electronics became a real multi-national. The building is called SK and will be re-developed to beautiful lofts… … Continue reading

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Wings of Liberation

On May 4th we remember all those people who have fallen during World War II and also during all the wars after that. A very impressive happening! On May 5th we celebrate that the Germans surrendered to the Allied in 1945! Already 65 years ago!! Today I went to the museum “Wings of Liberation” in … Continue reading

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